House and apartment

Buying a
house is a project of a lifetime. There is no question of making a mistake when
it comes to choosing the right property. Before you get started, here are a few
tips to help you decide.

for the future

buying a home, you must first look ahead and ask yourself a lot of questions.
Are you able to assume the repayment of a loan for 15, 20 or even 25 years? Are
you planning to change professions anytime soon? Are you planning to have
children? Will your income increase over time? In short, take stock of your
personal plans first.

finely-tuned location

It is very
important not to buy a property on a whim and that under the pretext that it is
in line with your desires and is offered at a price defying the competition,
you have not thought about the good location of it. If, for example, you
intend to rent it later, choose a strategic area where there is a strong demand
for housing. This will allow you to easily find tenants or, better still,
buyers in case of resale.

A good

We know
that. The value of a property increases according to its proximity to schools,
shops and public transportation. The possibility of parking and the presence of
green spaces also play a role. On the other hand, avoid choosing an apartment
for example located in a building where there is a shop on the ground floor.
Neighbourhood disturbances are frequent. Before signing, make sure that the
condominium rules prohibit the installation of businesses.

Buying old
or new?

Either one
has its advantages and disadvantages. Buying new allows you to have a house
that meets all current standards. On the negative side, it is often more
expensive, not always well located and above all, you have to bear the
disadvantages of buying in VEFA. Older houses, on the other hand, benefit from
a better geographical position. But beware of major work to be done.

estate agency?

To find a
cheap property, to operate of private individual in particular is an excellent
method. But we can’t advise you too much not to take this step and to go
directly through a specialist to avoid unpleasant surprises. This option is all
the more valid if this is your first purchase.

Visits to
your future home

going on with the visits, make a list of your requirements: comfort, number of
rooms, transport, districts… Avoid making an express visit but take all your
time. Screen the property in question and make sure that all the equipment is
working. Demand the mandatory diagnostics.

A good

visiting, it is best to be accompanied by an architect or building professional
who will have a clearer idea of the scope of the work to be carried out and its
costs. This will prevent you from falling into a financial hole because of an
interminable construction site.

for an award ceremony

It is
accepted that today a 10% discount is granted by sellers of a property. Always
try to find out the negotiation margin of the house in question by making a
comparison on the rates applied on the market.

A financing
plan in the rules of the trade

Buying a
house is good. But you still have to be able to afford it. To make sure you get
the credit that will allow you to finance the project, seduce the banks by
taking care of your borrowing profile.

The notary

In your
steps, make sure you are accompanied by a notary. Usually, it is the seller’s
notary who takes care of everything. However, you are entitled to request the
presence of your own representative. There will then be two representatives to
handle the file: one for your case and the other for the seller’s case.